1-Adminsitration Consultant 

-(Marketing ,Strategy Planning ,HR, Companies evaluation, Business solution ).

2-Consultant Engineering 

Structural Concrete Design(Villas-High Rise –Factories-Hospital-Schools-Tanks)
Structural Steel Design(Trusses -Factories)

Arch Design (Interior –Exterior –Décor)

Electric Design (Lighting –Power –Routing –Earthing (grounding)-Cable size-Panel Schedule –Calculation sheet)

Mechanical Design (HVAC-PLUMING –Fire system –water supply-swimming pool-fountain-Medical gas-fuel-LPG systems-Drainage).

Shop Drawings (concrete –Steel) .

Revit Modeling (Concrete –Steel).

3- Supervising the implementation of all project works (Cut and filling-Concrete-Finishing-Repair)

we have all technicians and labors in all department with full experience who have fast and accuracy in construction.

5-Special Works

(Repair- Strengthening-Epoxy-Concrete Floors-Insulation-Paints ).

6-Public Supplies 

(Chemical Construction products ).

7-Construction Management 

Construction project Management to achieve project constrain ( Time &Cost & Quality )


Training in many field (  Business Management  , HR ,Marketing , Career Path ,Engineering ) .